Curiosity: Ask Questions!

"Just imagine what human civilization would be like if curiosity had never made an appearance—if people only sought the knowledge or understanding necessary for survival. There would no science, no technology, no art. There would be no real culture." Jason Baehr, Professor of Philosophy at Loyola

Intellectual Virtues and the Workplace

The idea that intellectual virtues like curiosity, intellectual humility, and open-mindedness are important to learning is clear enough. But are they also important to having a successful career? There is mounting evidence to think they are. It's well known that employers today are looking for candidates with

“A Dose of Intellectual Humility for Adolescents” in

"From a cognitive standpoint, early adolescence brings new opportunities for asking thoughtful questions, engaging in complex reasoning, and cultivating the other skills and qualities necessary for critical thinking. Regrettably, these opportunities can go unrealized on account of strong social and psychological forces that work against

“Humility Boosts Learning” in

"Those with intellectual humility are more willing to consider views that don’t align with their own, and higher levels of intellectual humility may improve academic performance in positive, sustainable ways. We also may be able to foster intellectual humility by helping people understand that intelligence

The Intellectual Character of Conspiracy Theorists

"The problem with conspiracy theorists is not, as the US legal scholar Cass Sunstein argues, that they have little relevant information. The key to what they end up believing is how they interpret and respond to the vast quantities of relevant information at their disposal. I want to suggest

Grit and the Intellectual Virtues Academy on NPR

National Public Radio's Morning Edition and All Things Considered recently aired a story on "grit" and education that featured site administrator and Loyola Marymount Professor Jason Baehr and the work that he and others are doing to implement an intellectual virtues educational framework at the Intellectual Virtues Academy of Long

Templeton Report: Towards a New Education of Character

"Good schools do not just impart knowledge. They also foster good habits of mind. And yet, as the philosopher John Dewey pointed out, little theoretical or practical work has been done on just what is required to cultivate qualities like curiosity and humble open-mindedness, intellectual