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For university instructors

While many of the resources available on this site are geared toward K-12 educators, most of the relevant principles, practices, and other resources can be adapted to a college or university setting. A brief guide for college and university instructors interested in educating for intellectual virtues by Dr. Jason Baehr is available here.



"Intellectual character education is aimed at helping students experience meaningful growth in intellectual virtues. But what might such growth look like, especially over the course of a single semester? Exactly what kind of impact can we expect or hope to have?" - from Educating for Intellectual Virtues: An Introductory Guide for College and University Instructors



Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Guiding Principles

3. Practices

3.1. Course goals

3.2. Mission statement

3.3. Direct instruction

3.4. Self-reflection and self-knowledge

3.5. Creating and calling attention to opportunities for practice

3.6. Virtue-based feedback

3.7. Modeling

3.8. Conclusion

4. References

5. Additional Resources

Additional resources include two classifications of intellectual virtues, a PPT introduction to intellectual virtues for college-age students, examples of intellectual virtue taken from literature, history, and other sources, self-assessment measures for several intellectual virtues, and more.